Press commentaries about the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS

What does the press say?

“The taste senses are stronger. Exciting. The food – bombastic.” RTL “Die Factchecker”

“Insider tip – It tastes everything you can not see here” magazine Lieblingsorte Prenzlauer Berg

Art and enjoyment for four senses”
magazine Prenzlberger Ansichten

“The Nocti Vagus is known for its unusual and spectacular shows.”
magazine “Der Prinz”

“It’s not for nothing that pop singer Madonna stayed over night in the adjacent Soho-House just a few days ago. Following many awards and some hymnic reviews at home and abroad, the Nocti Vagus is an established part of the gastronomic scene in the capital.”
Welt Online

“An evening in the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS is a remarkable, delightful experience.”
magazine Kultur in Pankow

“It can’t always be Thuringian bratwurst: How to cook that it tastes good even for the Federal Chancellor? Berlin’s restaurant Nocti Vagus offers from August 2012 new cooking seminars in the dark – with top chefs Oliver Rietzke and Hannes Oehler who also sizzled and blanched for Angie.”

“The kicker of the Horrordinner: as its name implies, there’s not just a Dinner in the Dark but good reasons to get the creeps, too. There ought to await us “restless ghosts and fantastic effects in the darkness” in the Nocti Vagus. Subsequent to the dinner it got creepy indeed. You hear sounds behind or besides you, which you just can’t be able to define…”

“On an equal footing with the audience you can empathize with a blind man and discover a new world for yourself.” Radio Paradiso

“No dud: Berlin’s first Dark Restaurant, one of the biggest employers for blinds and severely visually impaired people throughout Germany.”
magazine Gourmet Report

+49 /30 / 74 74 91 24

Saarbrücker Str. 36-38
10405 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 74 74 91 23

Dinner in the Dark
Daily from 6 pm