dunkelrestaurant_erfahrungDark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS

For more than 10 years Berlin’s first Dark Restaurant fascinates its visitors. More than 150.000 guests from all over the world enjoyed a “Dinner in the Dark” and more than 3000 times the curtain rose for a “Show in the Dark”.

More than 40.000 kilometres, “Once around the world”, the team led visitors through the darkness.

The essentials are always invisible to the eyes
In the Dark Restaurant you will see absolutely nothing. No lamps, no lights, not even your own hand in front of your face.

Invisible you enjoy a “Dinner in the Dark” and a show and discover your senses in a new way: touching, smelling, tasting and hearing.

Waiters in the Dark Restaurant

The whole team in the Dark Restaurant is blind or severely visually impaired. To them the world of not-seeing is everyday life. In the Dark Restaurant a reversal of roles takes place: here the seeing needs help from the blind. For its excellent service the team of the NOCTI VAGUS was honoured several times.

That’s what the guests say about the NOCTI VAGUS
“Great restaurant! Fine food!” Kaja Auerbach (from google reports)
“I was absolutely stunned.” Andre Treuner (from google reports)
“Really a great experience. Try it!” Martin Klinder (from google reports)


Dinner in the Dark

In the NOCTI VAGUS different menus will be served – every day. You have the choice: vegetarian delicacies, menus with meat or a surprise menu.

Of course, our chef de cuisine will prepare meals for you which are vegan, lactose-free or for allergy sufferers.

Dark restaurant – the amazing experience
Discover the world of senses
Visit Berlin’s first Dark Restaurant and leave all worries behind you.With sensitive sounds, a personally for you composed dinner in the dark you experience unforgettable moments – invisible – in total darkness.

Shows in the Dark Restaurant

Enjoy unique shows during your dinner in the dark. Crime-Dinners, Theatre of horrors, Spooky-Dinners, live-music, erotic dinners, Dark-Theatre, Event-Nights, Classical-Dinners, Opera-Dinners and Comedy-Dinners. As always in the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS there will be no use of night vision goggles, not even during the shows.

The so-called Blind’s Restaurant is a special event in the underworld of Berlin in the historical rooms of the formerly “Backfabrik” besides the “Soho-House Berlin” where stars like Madonna or Marianne Faithful were lodging.

Eating in the dark

You will experience a dinner in the dark that will inspire you! In a relaxed atmosphere the team of the Dark Restaurant serves you menus of 3 or 4 courses – invisible. The taste of these menus are not comparable with menus in ordinary Event-Restaurants – in the Dark Restaurant our cooks pay special attention of composing meals with a fine sense of taste

The prices in the Dark Restaurant

Enjoy a dinner in the dark from 49 EUR. For a small extra charge you can reserve the Dark Restaurant Berlin Separée, sparkle away with a champaign-menu or experience how the Dark Restaurant changes into a Chocolate-Restaurant and enjoy meals with heavenly chocolate!

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Saarbrücker Str. 36-38
10405 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 74 74 91 23

Dinner in the Dark
Daily from 6 pm