Dunkelrestaurant NOCTI VAGUS - Dinner in the Dark

The procedure

The greeting in the lounge

Our team welcomes you kindly in the course of the check-in between 6 and 8 p.m. in the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS.

In our lovely lounge you choose by candle-light your menu and enjoy a delicious salute from the kitchen. Right after the briefing, your friendly waiter will take you to the light tunnel.

You enter the Dark Restaurant

As you put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you, the big moment has come: the door of the Dark Restaurant opens. It’s getting totally dark.

Now your blind guide welcomes you and takes you to your table. He explains in detail, where you can find everything on the table.

Enjoy your menu in the dark

blind restaurantIn the relaxing atmosphere of the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS your blind waiter serves your dinner and the drinks. At the same time you appreciate sensual sounds and get used to the new surrounding bit by bit.

Everything around you you will feel intensively and you will dive into the fascinating world of the NOCTI VAGUS. Your waiter will always be around and will help you if you desire.

You will always have the possibility to order more drinks or to leave the Dark Restaurant for a short break – your guide will take you back to the light tunnel.

The curtain to the Dark Stage rises

A further highlight of the night is the “Show in the Dark”, which is included in the menu-price. It doesn’t matter if you choose a Crime Dinner, a Horrorshow, an erotic night, Live Music or an Event Night, you can be delighted about a sparkling show-event in the dark and be keen what surprises we have for you…

The dark show starts at approx. 9 p.m. and endures ca. 30 -40 minutes. Subsequently you enjoy your dessert and finish your evening relaxed as you like. Our restaurant opens for you until midnight.

Advicement & reservation by telephone: 030 / 74 74 91 23
Every day from 10:00 a.m.


Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS Berlin – Further details to the procedures

dunkelrestaurant nocti vagusWe have daily changing menus. Our chef de cuisine likes to advise you to your “Dinner in the Dark”. While checking in, you also can add specific features for you menu. E.g. if you have a food allergy, are ovo-lacto-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian or vegan.

We like to meet your special interest and wishes. That’s why the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS was honoured by the German Vegetarian Society as “vegetarian restaurant”. If you choose a classical menu with meat or our popular Surprise-Menu, your also have the possibility to talk about your personal preferences.

You will get used to the darkness very fast

As soon as you have entered the Dark Restaurant, you will recognize that you’ve got used to the darkness in just a few minutes. Everything seems to be familiar and a feeling of relaxation will ease your mind. Berlin’s first Dark Restaurant is ground-leveled, no stairs exist. The tables are setted elegantly, because we think that quality is not just being seen but also being felt.

Your blind waiter in the Dark Restaurant

In the course of your stay in the Dark Restaurant you will be fondly guided and “looked” after. As you check in, you will get to know the name of your waiter who will always be around you in the dark.

As soon as you desire something, you call his name. Your blind waiter also takes orders, so that you always have the possibility to drink some more or to leave the Dark Restaurant.

All blind waiters in the “Blind’s Restaurant” are special trained and have lots of experience so that you can feel safe and secure.

The dark show

Following the first courses of the menu at approx. 9 p.m. the “Show in the Dark” starts. A garden of phantasies will be opened and reality mixes with illusions. Actors or singers are suddenly near you and let you be a part of the impressing show.

You can experience Crime Shows, Horrorshows, music, comedy and Event-Nights that you will remember for a long time. Even the actors and singers move in total darkness and use no night vision goggles.

To conclude the evening…

Subsequent to the show you enjoy your dessert and are guided back into the light. In the lounge, our team or our chef de cuisine greets you to a nice talk. If you have chosen for a Surprise-Menu, you will get to know now, what you have eaten. By now, at the latest, you will see that our meals are a piece of poetry to behold!

Phantastic impressions, virtual sounds and sophisticated acting mingles into a spectacular experience of the senses where the guests can witness everything very close to the action.

If you are dissatisfied…

dinning darkWe try very hard to make you feel comforted and satisfied with the Dinner in the Dark. If you’re not pleased however, don’t be shy to tell us. We’re willing to accept your criticism. In the lounge we have layed out testforms for the Dark Restaurant in which you can inform us about your ideas and desirable improvements.

Saarbrücker Str. 36-38
10405 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 74 74 91 23

Dinner in the Dark
Daily from 6 pm