The team

We’re pleased to greet you at the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS!

Our blind resp. visually impaired team:

Astrid, Silvia, Wolfgang, Isaa, Susanne and Monika guide you since many years. During your visit they want to show you what it feels like not to be able to see. A world that’s a commonplace for blind people.

Our chef cook and his team from the gourmet kitchen:

It is a joung cook and has worked for top houses in Germany. His team consists of creative cooks who love their work and whose skills fill our guests with enthusiasm. We were asked many times if our cooks are blind, too. No, just the team in the Darkrestaurant itself is blind or heavily visually handicapped.

Head of the restaurant: our service-team

care for you with much empathy before, during and after the “Dinner in the Dark”. During your stay they coordinate all procedures and guide the guests safe into the Darkrestaurant.

Last but not least our dear Goscha, who answers all questions on the telephone and our good soul Marion, who takes care of your interests with her accounting.

Support blind and visually impaired people! We thank you!


Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS Berlin – The world of senses

+++ The original from Berlin +++

Berlin’s first Dark-Restaurant

Experience the world in the dark – invisible. Discover your senses in a new way. We tempt you into the realm of fascinating darkness!

Let yourself be spoiled from delicious delights, events and a special service. Your friendly companions through the dark are special trained blind or severly visually impaired waiters who take care for you with empathy.

Shall it be a bit more? To make things perfect, a visit in the Dark Restaurant is rounded with daily changing events. For this, the first Dark Stage of the world was developed. Get more informations here:

To the “Dinner in the Dark” we present unforgettable shows in the Blind’s Restaurant.

Saarbrücker Str. 36-38
10405 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 74 74 91 23

Dinner in the Dark
Daily from 6 pm