Discover a world of senses in Berlin’s first Darkrestaurant

joana_zimmer3The place for exciting sensuality

Not seeing means to see different. A new world of delicate sensuality and of culinary pleasures in an amazing atmosphere. For over 10 years Berlin’s first Darkrestaurant serves its satisfied guests.

To the Dinner in the Dark in total darkness we gently stimulate your four remaining senses with a fascinating cultural program.

Therefore the world’s first Dark Stage was built in the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS. Choose between our Crime Dinner, Horrorshow, concerts, Event Nights, Erotic Dinner, dramatic readings, Dark Theater and much more. Current program

An evening in the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS becomes a tasteful experience that you will never forget.

Tasting, Feeling, Smelling and Hearing


These everyday experiences you will see in a different light after a visit in the Dark Restaurant. Our chef de cuisine creates an unforgettable Dinner in the Dark with fresh and special ingredients. We offer different menus every day – or be enchanted by our Surprise Menu.

Blind guides in the Dark Restaurant

Your guides during the Dinner in the Dark are blind or severely visually impaired and will lead you safely through the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS. A special training of our team will guarantee you the best service. But not just for this the Dark Restaurant NOCTI VAGUS has been honoured several times: the Golden Service Crown 2 x, Gastro Award 2 x, recommended by Marco Polo, by ADAC, by Marcellino’s and 2 x by the German Vegetarian Society.

NOCTI VAGUS – Dinner in the Dark: daily from 06:00 p.m.



Saarbrücker Str. 36-38
10405 Berlin

Phone: 030 / 74 74 91 23

Dinner in the Dark
Daily from 6 pm